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We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to the FNIH. Learn more about how their gifts have made an impact.

A Look Back at 2019
This has been a year of milestones in our innovative work in biomedical research aimed toward giving people hope for the future.
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"If it was 'necessary' for me to have [distal hereditary motor neuropathology], I want to support research on a cure that may save someone from it in the future." —James T. Wendel
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Cartoon graphic of people around the world in a global exchangeMany members of Andrew Steinhaus' family have been impacted by cancer. That's part of the reason Andrew is such an avid supporter of FNIH and The BRCA Challenge.
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People smilingCarrie Trahan's son, Kyle, is her hero. Battling a chronic disease and surviving, he also helped his family find answers, while helping save the lives of others as well.
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Sara Cooper and her sister, Jamie Boyd"When I give to the FNIH, I am honoring these inspiring individuals and their contributions to society while paying it forward for the help my family received when my sister was sick. The NIH provides hope—that through the selfless work of the world's best and brightest minds in research, the disease that took my sister will be eradicated and no other families will have to go through that experience. -Jamie Boyd
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Laura Curtin smiling"NIH is truly a premier medical research organization. The FNIH makes it possible for me to invest in and be part of the cutting-edge NIH science and discovery. I have been giving to the FNIH for several years and would encourage others who care about NIH and public health to do the same!"
-Laura Curtin

Susan Wall Smiling"I see my legacy gift to the FNIH as a way to make a contribution that I know will have a lasting impact. I cannot think of a better way to help people around the world."
-Susan Wall

Adriana Tremoulet smiling"My year at the NIH was a cornerstone of my career and I am proud to be a donor to the FNIH."
-Adriana Herrera Tremoulet
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Paula and Bill smiling"Our brother received the best care possible at the NIH Clinical Center. The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health makes it possible for us to directly fund the NIH lymphoma research in appreciation for his care and so that others may benefit. Being able to do this means a lot to us. "
-Paula and Bill Bradley, Albuquerque, NM